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  • Incase Design Corp

    "We wanted to go beyond the basic something that provided us the ability to tell stories visually with the data to drive the business forward. Axiom has been able to do that."
    -Sean Wu
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Incase Design Corporation


Incase Design Corporation designs a number of protective and mobility products for many of today’s most popular devices. The company was founded in San Francisco in 1997 and has been a category leader since inception. But being a leader in a crowded industry isn’t easy. The fast-paced market means that decisions need to be made quickly and the data used to make those decisions must be accurate. “Being nimble is critical in our industry,” says Sean Wu, CFO at Incase. “Sustaining profitability really comes down to being able to quickly and effectively plan and execute.”

The company needed a solution that would not only speed up the forecasting and budgeting process, but would also provide the management team with the information they needed to make informed decisions quickly. “In many cases, the executives are in different locations, each with important decisions to be made. We wanted a way to be connected to a unified view of the truth, in a way that everyone can understand, without having to be in the same room.”


Incase turned to Axiom Software’s forecasting solution to decrease the amount of time spent on manual spreadsheets and data aggregation, increase data accuracy and integrate directly with other systems, like ERP. The company was also able to leverage Axiom Software to integrate both financial and operational drivers to have a more accurate forecast. Incase also turned to Axiom Software to enhance cash flow planning, which allowed Incase to tie plans directly to the forecast, quickly understand overall liquidity and line of credit utilization.


Context is king

Data visualization was a key factor in choosing Axiom, as the company was looking for a platform that would allow the leadership team to quickly understand key trends, but also drill through to underlying data when necessary. “One of our principles as a company is to provide a ‘better experience through good design’, and that’s exactly what Axiom Software has provided for us. It allows us to take the data that we previously had in spreadsheets and do so much more with it,” said Wu.

A cloud-based platform

Incase chose the Axiom’s cloud-based solution for a few primary reasons: cost, access for remote users, and the ability to integrate with other cloud-based infrastructure like their ERP system. “Our users are always on the go, so it was easy to choose the cloud,” said Wu. Other benefits include unmatched security, limited IT support, and guaranteed uptime.

Something for everyone

The first priority during implementation was transitioning an offline, spreadsheet-based forecasting model onto the Axiom platform. Since then, Incase has been able to implement cash flow planning, with demand planning currently underway. Finance is coordinating with several different functions including sales and product to build out additional KPIs on an ongoing basis. Additionally, it has allowed employees the ability to quickly run ad-hoc reports that had previously been conducted through the ERP system. “There have been a lot of oooohs and awwwws because everyone is so impressed with how quickly reports can be ran, and how much data exploration users can perform with minimal training.”

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