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What makes us different?

  • We put customers first. Always.
  • We know our stuff.
  • Our software is pretty amazing.

Committed to Your Success


Kaufman Hall is 100% committed to customer satisfaction. This starts with ensuring our implementations are straightforward, well designed, and position our customers for immediate success. It extends itself to ensure user adoption by emphasizing ease of use for all user types. We pride ourselves on having developed Axiom Software as a solution that can help our customers solve their most complex issues instead of serving as a limited, one-size-fits all tool. Axiom’s allegiance to these guiding principles is evidenced through its recurring top ranks with industry analysts like Gartner and BPM Partners.


Industry Experience

We understand that the end product delivered to our customers is only as good as the solutions it provides to specific problems. And these problems vary greatly within each industry. That’s why we hire experts with deep financial experience in the industries they serve. Our banking team, for example, has nearly 300 combined years of experience working for financial institutions.

Implementation Excellence

Our implementation consultants aren’t the bragging sort. But they should be. To date, they have 100% success rate with zero failed implementations. The reason? They’re excellent communicators, they know the software like the back of their hands, and they’re excellent project managers.

Customer Support

Our customer support team really knows their stuff. Really. They pride themselves on quick, accurate responses to our customers. And they take the time to make sure that the problem is not only resolved, but that the users have a good understanding of the solution. In quarterly surveys, our customers routinely give the support team near-perfect marks.

We were looking for more than just a vendor; we were looking for a strategic partner that shares a similar company culture, customer focus and entrepreneurial drive.
Erin LaVelle, Mesirow Financial

Industry Leading Software

Built on 30 years of expertise in helping executives to improve financial performance, Axiom is designed to equip finance teams to be more agile, spend more time analyzing data to better understand the drivers that affect their organizations. In order to deliver a solution that drives broad organizational adoption and success, we continue to focus on these key areas:

Ease of use: We want to ensure that users aren’t hindered with a clunky, time-consuming software solution. Finance professionals should be empowered by intuitive software that enables them to spend less time aggregating data and more time empowering strategic decision making.
Accessibility: Axiom’s cloud solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensures that customers have access to their data whenever they want, wherever they happen to be. The cloud also allows users to spend less time on upgrades, become less reliant on IT, and spend more time focusing on their day jobs.
Industry-specific models: Your industry is unique. You deserve a software solution tailored to your specific requirements. Axiom’s industry solutions are built upon years of partnership with customers to develop best practice solutions that make an impact.
A Truly Integrated Solution: What’s the good of developing a long-range plan if it doesn’t factor in the annual budget? By providing an integrated software solution, we can ensure that our customers don’t have to rely on multiple processes across different tools to get their jobs done. In fact, Axiom has earned top marks from Gartner for its ability to integrate source systems like ERP and HR/Payroll to provide users with a truly unified view of the truth.
Flexibility: Let’s face it: no two organizations are exactly the same. The beauty of Axiom Software is that it allows you to embrace a powerful software solution without having to change your entire business process along the way. We’ll work to ensure your data is available the way that makes the most sense to you.
Complex Planning Made Simple: The market is full of software providers promising that the budgeting process can be completed with just a few mouse clicks. That may be true if your organization has little to no complexity in its operation. But that’s not how the real world works for a majority of companies. Axiom is continually praised by industry analysts for its ability to help its customers make sense of their complex budgets and plans.

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