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Axiom Software enables Integrated Business Planning to review and analyze all aspects of operations including sales, operational, and financial metrics within a single, unified software platform

Sophisticated Software Solutions

Our software solutions were designed to address the evolving strategic and financial management needs of CFOs and their teams, giving organizations the ability to:

  • Create long-range plans that help organizations achieve their strategic goals
  • Improve efficiencies and accuracy in the budgeting and forecasting process
  • Combine Sales & Operations Planning processes including demand planning and inventory management
  • Increase visibility of key performance indicators across the organization via dashboards and reports
  • Optimize profitability and cost management to enable more informed decisions
  • Drive better visibility into performance drivers and provide actionable insights

Integrated, Trusted Data

With Axiom Software, all sales and operations data are managed in a single, unified database and common assumptions, such as bill of materials, can be shared between models. In addition, financial information is always updated and consolidated and available for reporting and analysis. Integrate data from ERP, production systems, sales systems and other key applications directly into Axiom Software using robust data integration capabilities, which include validation and alerting so data issues can be addressed and resolved quickly and in an automated fashion.

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"We’ve been able to consolidate to one unified view of our data, and it’s one that everyone can trust."
–Mikko Harjumaki, Plant Controller, Metso Automation
Manufacturing Financial Software

Integrated Business Planning Tools for Manufacturing
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Profitability Analysis That Drives Decisions

With Axiom Software, you can model and monitor profitability at any level, including organizational, product, customer, channel and all the related attributes around those dimensions. Profitability information, such as costs, can be leveraged to facilitate true driver-based budgets and “lite-touch” rolling forecasts. An understanding of the sources and drivers of profitability allows organizations to make better, data driven decisions.

  • Link financial, operational, and strategic plans in a single, unified software platform
  • Analyze profitability across locations, products, customers, segments, or other dimensions
  • Provide users at all levels of the organization with real-time, reliable profitability reporting