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Long gone are the days when organizations can devote scores of headcount for four to six months to complete a budget cycle. Today's dynamic market environment requires that businesses embrace more agile budgeting and forecasting processes, including financial planning, rolling forecasting and scenario planning.

Axiom Software’s Planning solution is designed for finance professionals. Its user-friendly Microsoft® Excel® interface allows executives to manage the system on their own—no need for IT to get involved. A true driver-based modeling environment empowers users to:

  • Import and transform disparate data sources into one comprehensive environment needed to build the forecast and budget
  • Automate and maintain the right level of control and governance by incorporating budget and forecast review workflows into the planning process
  • Analyze how different assumptions affect future financial performance
  • Manage the planning request and approval process with defined workflow, ownership and due dates using the Axiom Software Process Management feature
  • Create and manage alternative “what if” scenarios of the future, against which strategies, tactics and budgets can be tested
  • Plan discretionary line items such as travel and entertainment at a sub-general ledger level
  • Manage all forms of budgeting, including capital budgeting, staff planning, sales planning, etc.
  • Take advantage of predefined planning methods and store new ones in the system’s library
  • Create true rolling forecasts according to specified time horizons; save prior forecasts for comparison purposes
  • View the budget from a profitability perspective using a powerful allocation engine
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