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Align business realities and financial plans with one, unified performance management platform. Designed for healthcare organizations, Axiom EPM delivers sophisticated planning, reporting and decision support functions in a single solution.

Countless challenges face today’s healthcare provider organizations: regulatory reforms, skyrocketing operating costs, declining revenues and burgeoning patient volumes to name a few. To further complicate the landscape, demands for better patient care continue to rise. Success in this complex ecosystem requires that key players have the tools to plan, monitor and analyze performance.

Improve your financial management capabilities.
  • Cost Accounting & Service Line Analytics
    • Provide accurate and timely patient-level costing with Axiom EPM’s Cost Accounting & Service Line Analytics solution.
  • Strategy Management
    • Learn how Axiom EPM’s Strategy Management solution facilitates strategy creation, execution and communication.
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Understand and manage patient care costs with Axiom EPM’s best-practice Budgeting & Forecasting solution.
  • Reporting &
    • Learn how Axiom EPM’s Reporting & Analytics solution helps you tap financial, operational, statistical and patient-centric data from one hub.
  • Capital Planning
    • Learn how Axiom EPM’s Capital Planning solution delivers the information you need to improve decision making about capital investments.
  • Productivity Monitoring
    • Access productivity data that’s meaningful and actionable using Axiom EPM’s Productivity Monitoring solution.
Reporting & Analytics Cost Analysis & Service Line Analytics Budgeting & Forecasting Capital Planning Strategy Management Productivity Monitoring

With Kaufman Hall and Associates’ acquisition of Axiom EPM, the combined organization offers unmatched expertise in data-driven analysis to transform financial, operational and strategic planning. Kaufman Hall’s long-established expertise in healthcare management consulting services, combined with Axiom’s recognized performance management solutions, create a new world of possibilities for healthcare. Designed by industry professionals, our highly scalable solutions address the complicated modeling needs required by multi-entity health systems with:

  • A finance-friendly Excel® interface that’s familiar and powerful—and isn’t dependent on IT for support
  • Targeted industry solutions that unify financial planning and decision support functions in a single platform.
  • Tools that measure key service line volume, cost and profitability analytics.
  • Powerful online and distributed reporting that supports financial, managerial and ad-hoc analysis
  • An intuitive interface across applications that promotes end-user adoption and participation across business processes