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Axiom EPM version 6

Axiom EPM Version 6
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The latest release of Axiom EPM - version 6 - includes a variety of new capabilities for helping finance professionals drive corporate performance. With a blend of innovations and customer-requested features, this release offers new capabilities in three key areas, including:
Scenario planning - Scenario planning helps organizations manage uncertainty by simulating alternative views of the future against which strategies, tactics and budgets can be tested. The adoption of a scenario-based approach to planning can create lasting value greatly enhancing the business management process for most organizations. Scenario planning is a tool for both managing risk and identifying and seizing market opportunities. The Axiom EPM platform makes it easy for organizations to get started - whether conducting sensitivity analysis focusing on a key driver of the business or building more advanced, multivariate or initiative based scenarios and plans.
Interactive, integrated dashboards - Visualizing financial and operational performance data allows organizations to quickly highlight key performance indicators (KPIs), trends, rankings, relative contribution, variances, outliers and alerts. The end result is rapid insight that enables fast and effective decision making. With version 6, Finance professionals can now create, publish and interact with dashboards, adjusting the data displayed in the dashboards and even contributing data to the dashboards via database write-back capabilities. Additionally, this release introduces some new chart types and visualization options such as scatterplots, bubble charts, hierarchy trees that allow users to drill into data and segment further, and gauges.
Mobile support - Mobile device adoption has been growing exponentially over the last few years, particularly to access business applications. Financial and other business professionals can access the Axiom EPM platform ‘on the go’ via modern browsers on tablets and smart phones. With this release, the interface can be tailored to user activity, as well as the user’s role, offering a flexible intuitive experience. For instance, an organization may offer a more simplified mobile web experience for a non-finance user who is inputting budget data than for a Finance executive who is viewing dashboards and interactively adjusting the data.